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This weeks Plans. Plus new blog radio(neon Indian opener set)

hey y'all. here is whats going on this week, also here is a new blog radio for you to enjoy.


After a break, Karaoke is back with 2 Odd fellows. Hosts @bretpfister & @simoneskold will be crafting their skills in the art of weird for our Karaoke party. Doors @8 karaoke starts around 10. $3 well dinks 8-10 to get your vocal chords warmed up.


Whatever Wednesday. Lizzo tribute, playing artists like Doja Cat, Missy Elliot, Meg Thee Stallion, Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, J-lo, Cardi-B, and more. Doors at 8. No cover.


Thur.23 Darkfloor. Special Guest DJ set by Death_Minus from HEALTH. Doors @8. Playing dark dance music. $3 wells 8-10 door charge $7


80s and 90s dance party. Main room plays all the hits, while the lounge plays the b-sides and alternative hits from the era. Doors at 8 cover at 10 $5


NEW NOISE, an indie dance party, and Sonidero in the back. 2 parties 1 venue. doors at 8 cover at 10 $5


WEll HEll $2 well drinks 8-11 . its the end of the month and rents coming up, for both of us so lets do this. No cover, Playing a mix of all our themed nights. so come down.

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