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This Week Nov. 21st thru 26th Plus new music

Hey Y'all got a new mix up from our saturday party, Its indie/alt dance, so give it a go. We will be closed Thurs. Check out what we got going on this week.

Tue- Karaoke Wed- Holiday Hangover. Mix of all themes in main room ( 80s/90s, indie/alt. dance, emo/pop punk, ect.) & It’s a Drake night in the lounge Thurs- Closed Fri- 80s/90s in main room & House/Dance music in lounge Sat- indie/alt. dance in main room & latin Party in lounge Sun- Rock en Español w/ @soniderolv

Tuesday. We Karaoke. $3 well drinks and tall PBR/Montucky as well as half off wine and specialty cocktails 8-10.

Wed. 22nd. Holiday Hangover, It’s a double feature. In The mainroom we will be playing a mix of all themes (80s/90s, indie, emo/ pop punk, etc.) and in the lounge it’s a Drake night. Doors at 8, Dancefloor opens at 9. No cover, $3 drinks from 8-10. Get Odd!

Fridays! Footloose 80s/90s dance Party in main room & House of Odds (80s/90s inspired House/Rave/Freestyle in lounge. 2 Parties under one roof. Doors at 8, No cover before 10, $5 after. No dress code, No Hassle, Cheap drinks

Saturdays. New Noise an indie/alt. dance party in main room and @lokerapartylv a Latin Party in the lounge. We are a dance club for people who don’t like dance clubs, striving to provide a judgement free, inclusive environment for you to get Odd. Doors at 8, no cover before 10, $5 after. No dress code, cheap drinks! 💪

Sunday 26th. @soniderolv presents a night of Rock en Español w/ Dj @edwinlazer & @cantinflz . Doors at 8, dancefloor opens at 10. $3 well drinks & tall boys 8-10 . No cover before 10, $5 after.

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