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This week Feb 27th thru Mar 3rd Plus New Music (New Noise)

Got a new mix of music up from our Sat indie/alt dance party up. Here is whats going on this week. Scroll down for fliers

Tuesday- Karaoke

Wed- Club Renaissance, Beyoncé Night

Thur-Space funk All vinyl Disco/House deep cuts. $3 drinks 8-12 No Cover

Fri- 80s/90s in main room $ Disco in lounge

Sat- indie/alt. dance in main room & Latin alt in lounge

Sun- Emo Night !

Tuesdays, We Karaoke. First 5 singers get a free drink. Doors at 8, $3 wells and tall PBR & Montucky from 8-10. Get Odd!

Wed. 28th. Beyoncé is back! Playing a bunch of Queen Bey as well as other music in the realm. Special extended Happy hour $3 well drinks 8-11. Doors at 8, Dancefloor opens at 9. No Cover.

Thursday. 29th. Something diffrent. @spacefunk_lv . W/ Djs @neeklopez & @funkyruben . Playing an all vinyl out of this world disco/funk/house set. No cover Special Happy Hour from 8-12 w/ $3 well drinks and tall PBR/Montucky. Doors at 8, Dancefloor opens at 9. 🚀🪩✨

Fridays, we footloose. 80s/90s in main room, and disco and funk in the lounge. 2 parties under 1 roof. Doors at 8, dancefloor opens at 10. No cover before 10, $5 after.

Saturdays. New Noise an indie/alt. dance party in main room and @lokerapartylv a Latin Party in the lounge. We are a dance club for people who don’t like dance clubs, striving to provide a judgement free, inclusive environment for you to get Odd. Doors at 8, no cover before 10, $5 after. No dress code, cheap drinks! 💪

First Sundays (March 3rd) Our Monthly Emo Night returns. Playing all the classic emo Bops you grew up to with accompanying music vids. Since 2015. Thanks for all the support throughout the years. Doors at 8, Dancefloor opens at 9. $5 cover. $3 well drinks & tall PBR/Montucky 8-10

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